13.10.2018, 17:00

White Rabbit Theatre Company «The Importance of Being Earnest»

Indecent Proposals! Secret Lives! Social Pressure! White Rabbit Theatre Company puts a modern twist on Wilde's Victorian comedy gem.

In The Importance of being Earnest, Oscar Wilde explores themes of social convention and control, and suggests the need for escapism from society's rigorous restraints. He explores the love lives of Jack and Algernon, two young and handsome bachelors, who fall in love with Gwendolyn and Cecily, two ladies with a strong set of expectations. Despite the interference of Gwendolyn's meddling mother, as well as a hilarious entourage of well-meaning characters, Jack and Algernon carry on in their quest to woo and marry their sweethearts with gumption, etiquette, and a healthy dose of cucumber sandwiches.
Can love be determined by social class and convention? Is there an absolute right or wrong way to behave in society? Does money buy happiness and freedom? How do we all deal with living highly- pressured lives? How much have we truly changed since the times of the rigid social conventions of Victorian England, or have our conventions simply taken on other shapes and forms? White Rabbit Theatre explores these questions and more in its interpretation of the side-splittingly amusing Oscar Wilde masterpiece The Importance of being Earnest.

DIRECTOR – Caroline Kuehn
PRODUCER – Courtney Beamish

JACK WORTHING – Ciaran Corsar
CECILY CARDEW – Joëlle Stocker
GWENDOLYN FAIRFAX – Courtney Beamish
LADY BRACKNELL – Claudia Wicki
MISS PRYSM – Marianne Alewine
REV. CHASUBLE – Jim Carson
LANE/MERRIMAN – Roni Aus der Au

ENTRANCE FEES CHF 20 (all tickets)

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Theater, Fremdveranstaltungen, 10/2018